Monday, November 1, 2010

FCT Youth Camp 2010

Hey all!
How's everybody doing out there?Busy weesy as usual I guess?
My apologies on not updating my blog often,reason being I've started Med school!
Schedule's super duper hectic!Think of working hours,yeap,about the same for my classes.
It starts at 8am ends at 5pm.No long holidays,just 1 miserable week after 4 months of long suffering heavy duty study days.
Well,just a tiny bit of updating about myself,for now I have a very important thing to post about today.Hehe.....

To all of you,guys and girls!
It's that time of the year again!
FCT Youth Camp 2010!

this year's camp theme

Here are the registration forms, just click on it to enlarge.
You could print the forms out from here and fill in the details, done with it just hand it over to me!
Or you could even email me!

p/s : Early bird's who register by 14th November will only be charged RM210 instead of the normal price RM240.

So what are you waiting for?
Sign up NOW!!!
Invite your friends to come and join us too!
I can assure you that it'll be so much fun!

For more information about the youth camp,do not hesitate to ask me via email or comment here.Looking forward to meet you all! =]
Oh btw, you will be given a camp t-shirt during the camp,so make sure you circle the correct size!!

Until then,toodles!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Around Europe in 10days


Most recent picture of my boyfriend & I @ Colosseum Rome,Italy

It's been a while since I actually updated my blog.My O my,readers out there must be SO BORED of my this little not so famous blog already.Sorry people,lately just too lazy to just sit down and type something on my blog even though I'm free.Oops!

Well,since I'm done with most of my housework and there's nothing much to do at home,I've decided to blog!Surprise surprise?Not!Haha.If I don't update now,I'm afraid you will have to wait til your neck drop for my next update.Wow,did I just gave a metaphor?

To keep my blog alive and keep going,I shall use a different concept to blog my awesome trip around Europe.Perhaps something like story telling?Suitable for bed time story I guess.Well,we shall see.....

When you have your international passport with you, I'm sure you'll be going some where out of the country. For us, we board a plane and flew to Europe.Never thought I would have the chance to go places like Paris or Rome, more so with my love ones, especially with my boyfriend.I'm sure all the girls out there are so so jealous of me now.A fairytale of a little girl finally came true.No doubt, I'm really really blessed!

On the first day of our trip, we flew 7 hours, slept and ate on the plane and finally we reach Doha for transit. We all have smelly breath as we did not brush our teeth.Of course, when we were at Doha airport, we rushed straight to the toilet to brush our teeth and clean up,since we have 3 hours to kill.Then, we board the plane again and sat another 8 hours to Italy.

Tips when you're on the plane for such a long hours:
1. Eat all you can
2.Drink all you want
3.Watch all the movies you demand

So,why not live a luxurious life on the plane,while there's people to serve you!?!
Life's good too when you're on the plane with pretty air stewardess!

After hours on the plane,the sun came out, the plane landed at 09:00 sharp @ Milan Linate International Airport. Yes, we have finally arrived in Italy with a big smile on our face.We were so excited, started taking tons of pictures along our way to my daddy's Italian friend's factory.

The driver of my daddy's friend came to pick us up with a Mercedes Benz. As you can see, European or should I say for this case Italian cars, the steering wheel is on the left unlike Malaysian cars.Which means that the driver will be sitting on the left.Hence, my daddy feels weird sitting in front on the right side and that he wasn't the one driving.

About 30 minutes drive from the airport, we reached Mr.Marqs' office.That's my boyfriend standing in front of the factory. We freshen up a little in his office toilet while my daddy busy talking to him.That was when we discover that there's such thing called Sparkling Mineral Water!!No joke, its really sparkling, strong sparkling.We don't like it though,but my daddy love it as it really cleanses your throat especially for sore throat.

That's my daddy's Italian friend and my aunty June standing behind him.See how stylish he was during office hours?Well, he's the boss so semi-formal with sneakers are not an issue at all.

Milan train station, that's where we took the high speed train to Venice. As fast as 300km/hr , and before we know it, we've arrived @ Venice in the evening. Met my elder brother Jmin Keat and his girlfriend Sherly for dinner. Most of you might not know what happen and the reason why we travel all the way to Europe.It was because my brother admitted to the hospital with Pneumothorax when he was travelling with his friends.He ended up staying in the hospital for 2 weeks in Venice. Thus, we went to visit him and spent the summer holidays with him before he goes back to Russia.

Daddy & my boyfriend Wykit @ Venice.
Such a beautiful place, no cars, no traffic just rivers,alleys and the sea. I would love to stay there as long as I can. It's amazing!
Just a sneak peak about Venice....... be continued

Til the next update, toodles!

Thanks for reading...XOXO

Monday, September 20, 2010

Louis Vuitton

Hey all!Welcome back again! =)
Well,since the long champ bags are all sold out,I've decided to sell an one and only one Louis Vuitton bag.It is 100% authentic,made in France of course,brand new,never use before and it is still in the dust bag inside the LV paper bag with the receipt too!*Trust me*

So, which LV bag am I selling? Let's see....

*click the picture for more information*
Artsy MM
(Monogram Canvas)

Retail price (in Malaysia) : RM 5400
Selling price : RM 4300 (negotiable)

You can hook it on your elbow....

.....or you could even hook it on your shoulder!

Here's a closer look of the details of the bag

Additional information of the bag :

Size (LxHxD): 46cm x 32cm x 24cm
-6 patch pockets
-1 long zipped pocket
-1 D-ring for keys and pouches
-1 bag charm that can be used inside as a key-hanger
-Protective bottom studs

Well, are you interested to buy?Feel free to drop me an email at:

Til the next update!

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