Monday, November 1, 2010

FCT Youth Camp 2010

Hey all!
How's everybody doing out there?Busy weesy as usual I guess?
My apologies on not updating my blog often,reason being I've started Med school!
Schedule's super duper hectic!Think of working hours,yeap,about the same for my classes.
It starts at 8am ends at 5pm.No long holidays,just 1 miserable week after 4 months of long suffering heavy duty study days.
Well,just a tiny bit of updating about myself,for now I have a very important thing to post about today.Hehe.....

To all of you,guys and girls!
It's that time of the year again!
FCT Youth Camp 2010!

this year's camp theme

Here are the registration forms, just click on it to enlarge.
You could print the forms out from here and fill in the details, done with it just hand it over to me!
Or you could even email me!

p/s : Early bird's who register by 14th November will only be charged RM210 instead of the normal price RM240.

So what are you waiting for?
Sign up NOW!!!
Invite your friends to come and join us too!
I can assure you that it'll be so much fun!

For more information about the youth camp,do not hesitate to ask me via email or comment here.Looking forward to meet you all! =]
Oh btw, you will be given a camp t-shirt during the camp,so make sure you circle the correct size!!

Until then,toodles!

Thanks for reading!

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